Rosia Montana is a beautiful natural region situated in the Carpathians, in Romania, that has
been a subject of public controversy for the last 15 years.  

Under the circumstances of restarting the gold and silver mining  industry the region's overall
development has been halted because of irresponsible governance and corrupt officials.  
Already impoverished by the closing of the mines in year 2000, a major size of the region has
been declared mono-industrial and other activities such as agriculture and tourism are official
impossible to undertake. 

Many voices from the local, national and international society  have risen against the plan of
opening a new industrial mine site. If the project develops can have a hazardous impact on the
local biodiversity and economy.

Wanting to change the image of poverty and conflict promoted heavily by the media, we have
designed a platform that offers a positive perspective and promotes the area's alternative
resources as well as possible new ways of reviving the local economy.
The maps shows the impacted area as well as how people already relate in a personal way with
the place.
It is the prospect of an open map where each of us can pinpoint the positive aspects and wealth
of the region. In the end the resources can be translated as relations and not as gold. 
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